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Therapeutic massage has a multitude of benefits. It is more than just rubbing sore muscles, tendons and ligaments.
Massage affects your entire being – mind, body and soul – on many levels. Reducing the effects that stress has on
your body is a high priority in this busy day and age. If you are busy and stressed, tired and sore, injured or just want to feel better – enhance your wellbeing with regular massage.

I am down to earth, friendly and have a caring attitude. Providing a rewarding and successful service through trust, intuition, comfort and good communication.
My aim is to be fully present and at my best for you holding the intention for your body to heal. Allowing you to unwind and relieve stress, physical pain and dysfunction whilst maintaining and rehabilitating your body so you can function at your optimum levels.

While my personal love and passion lies in the humble service to the general public in supporting their wellness with compassion and support for the daily aches and pains of life, I recognize the importance to work in with other professionals within the health care system. If the condition you present is out of my field of skills I won’t hesitate to let you know.


Riddy provides an exceptionally good massage service. He has my repeat business because he is very knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of massage, balanced with an amazing intuitive sense of what areas need particular therapy and attention. I would describe him as an intuitive and thorough masseur, and wholeheartedly recommend his services to others.

-Ian Williams

I have had many massages in the past but none quite like Riddy’s. I found he understood the muscle groups and isolated the areas of pain, working to stretch and release the spasms with the result being a new sense of spring to my step as I found i could move easier, stand taller and my neck felt pain-free and easy to move. I was able to get through the following days without taking pain relief medication.
I would thoroughly recommend Riddy to anyone in need of relief from sore, tight muscle spasms, his work is professional and he works tirelessly to achieve positive results for his client.

I have received several massages from Riddy and would certainly highly recommend his amazing service to anyone. Although i had no physical ailments, I suffered from a lot of emotional pain and found his style of massage, his attentive and nurturing focus to be highly beneficial, relaxing and uplifting. Thank you so much Riddy. You really do have healing hands. -Teresa Zuidhoek

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