My intention in every massage is to consider what has lead you to seek my services and to provide treatments that will support you to be well.

Because each person is unique, I offer a range of techniques and modalities to tailor-make each session according to individuals needs.

 Massage is more than just rubbing sore muscles tendons and ligaments, massage affects the body in so many different ways and levels, the service and treatments I provide are more of a journey, a two way process between you as the client and myself as the practitioner.

I am qualified in Relaxation, Remedial massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Holistic Pulsing, Facilitated Stretching, Lympthatic Drainage, Myofacial Release, Sports Massage, Reflexology and Reiki 1 and 2.

In carrying out the massage treatments I use essential oils and a variety of techniques and methods. The services listed below are just a guide.  Everyone is different and treatments will vary – please contact me to discuss your particular needs.

30 Minutes, part body relaxation massage: Appleby Clinic $40.00,

This involves a very general massaging of the body increasing the circulation reducing stress, softening areas that are tender or tight.

1 Hour, full body relaxation / Deep Tissue massage: Appleby Clinic $60.00,

A relaxation treatment involves general massaging with a variety of techniques which helps to increase circulation, drain the Lymphatic system, reduce stress, softening areas that are tender or tight, leaving you feeling lighter brighter and more refreshed.

Deep Tissue Massage goes deeper than a relaxation massage to help treat traumas, familiar aches and pains, trigger points, blocked emotion, head aches, neck and shoulder pain, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hips, knees, feet issues and more.

“The Journey”- 1.5 Hour Full body treatment sessions: Appleby Clinic $80.00,

($10 each extra 1/2 hour- This treatment only)

Full body Deep Tissue Massage takes time and I call these “The Journey” because they are!  So many areas and levels are addressed and so often people say “I didn’t know I was sore there” or “I didn’t know I was carrying that pain all this time”. This treatment will see you leave feeling very different!

I also offer a mobile massage service where I come to you.  There is an extra charge for travel and setting up – please contact me for pricing.