Just a quick note to thank you for your work today .it was so good and felt very healing and im very pleased to have found you and will be coming back
Thank you
Michael Keylock

I have been having treatments for the last 40 years,Acupuncture,Chiropractic,Osteopathy,Chinese Medicine,cranial osteopathy.And i have found Riddy Hillier to be one of the best.I Highly recommend Riddy!!

Pete Trill

Riddy is a totally dedicated, conscious, present, powerful massage therapist with a good sense of humor. He goes way beyond your expectations and any call of duty. Way beyond whatever amount of money you may have paid him. He cuts to the chase and gets the job done. Riddy worked on my damaged shoulder from years of accumulated stress caring for my wife’s fight against cancer. In just 4 treatments I have walked away with huge relief and total satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend Riddy to anyone requiring massage work. Best regards with the greatest respect, an ordinary bloke,

Mark Szaszy.

Riddy is easily the best masseuse I’ve ever been too. He gets deep in to all those niggly bits that most miss! And unlike others you don’t feel all stiff and sore the next day… just like you’re walking on air and renewed. Can’t wait for my next session.

Rebecca J Sutton

Big strong hands knots don’t stand a chance. Riddy is a powerful massage therapist, a magician each time my body feels more spacious and free; my emotions feel more fluid; and my soul feels connected.

Lawyer, Nelson

WOW!!!!! Riddy has the most tender but firm way with his hands and his words of wisdom. I have had massages many times before but this one was great!!. Riddy found sore spots I didn’t know I had, let alone that they needed much TLC which he gave  with abundance. As I have said to you personally RIDDY   I can’t thank you enough. I will recommend you to everyone and most surely visit you again SOON!!

Regards  and AROHANUI.


Thanks Riddy for the great massage today, you dont know how much freedom I feel in my weary bones. I feel Great, thanks again. I would recommend you to anyone ♥

Rose Caulder

I have had many massages in the past but none quite like Riddy’s. I found he understood the muscle groups and isolated the areas of pain, working to stretch and release the spasms with the result being a new sense of spring to my step as I found i could move easier, stand taller and my neck felt pain-free and easy to move. I was able to get through the following days without taking pain relief medication. I would thoroughly recommend Riddy to anyone in need of relief from sore, tight muscle spasms, his work is professional and he works tirelessly to achieve positive results for his client.


Fully awesome! Felt like i had woken up from a three day sleep, after receiving a massage. I had suffered a bad back sprain at work and Riddy surely put the pain to sleep! It wasn’t just the back that came right but this incredible tension in my neck and shoulders has released. I’m moving and a groovin’…like I used to years ago. Domo. Terima kasih. Merci. Danke. Thankyou.

- Chris Hill

” As a busy massage therapist, I have found Riddy to be the best.I’ve found when I myself need a treatment; in terms of his thorough approach, knowledge of anatomy and effectiveness.
I always feel better afterwards for days and when I recieve it reminds me again about how amazing massage is…Highly recommended!”

-Laksmi Crick,
Diploma Qualified Massage Therapist,

Riddys approach to his craft is one of caring and professionalism. He has a wonderful touch and goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are comfortable, warm and satisfied.

- Kirsty Wood

How would I survive with out my regular massage “A MUST” for restoring balance to the mind and body and for soothing my tired muscles after many hours gardening. Chronic back pain is now part of my past thanks to Riddy who really understands his medicine and asks specific questions about my pain, with advice and massage he is always spot on. A relaxing enjoyable experience. Healing Hands really cares about my well-being to which I’m very grateful.

- Maree Diack

I have been seeing Riddy for massage for the last 2 years and I have found that not only does he have amazing skill with massage technique, he also has great intuition and understanding of the interplay of the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. This has made every session a healing experience for me. Riddy’s genuine concern for your wellness is felt and his focus on thoroughness rather than the clock is a rare and precious find. I have left every session with a feeling of great physical relief and and a deep sense of peace and centeredness…total bliss!!! I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a truly holistic massage experience.

- Rachael Schepers

I have received several massages from Riddy and would certainly highly recommend his amazing service to anyone. Although I had no physical ailments, I suffered from a lot of emotional pain and found his style of massage, his attentive and nurturing focus to be highly beneficial, relaxing and uplifting. Thank you so much Riddy. You really do have healing hands.

- Teresa Zuidhoek

I have used Riddy’s massage therapy service on 3 occasions now and can highly recommend him, as I have already to my partner, my friends and my daughter. He understood my back pain and corrected it each time.We all talk about our “Riddy attacks”
I have tried other therapist in the past, but none come close .

-Murray McLean

The first time coming to see a male massage practitioner for a treatment I was a little nervous but Riddy’s professional and calming nature put me completly at ease and resulted in the most amazing massage I’ve ever had. Thanks Riddy.

-Sheree Kerr

I’m a kiwi bloke who has back ache, foot ache and loads of body ache.
Riddy is some one who seems to know every part of the body extremely well, when it comes to massaging.
I get a hell of a lot of good response from his treatments and after every session when I’m leaving in the car I always have to adjust my rear vision mirror as I’m that much taller.
My advice to anyone who’s got body aches and pains I suggest you start dialing Riddy’s number, he’s great.

-Jason Diack

Riddy takes the time to listen and offers a professional service. Afterwards I feel like all the knots and sore places are a lot better and unbound.

-Trudy Crerar

Riddy provides an exceptionally good massage service. He has my repeat business because he is very knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of massage, balanced with an amazing intuitive sense of what areas need particular therapy and attention. I would describe him as an intuitive and thorough masseur, and wholeheartedly recommend his services to others.

-Ian Williams